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KEIHOKU Tailor Made Craft and Cooking Tour 

Experience Keihoku craftsmanship by joining a workshop, and make "One and only" memorial piece for you. Our craftsmen and chefs will lead you step by step.
By this interaction, you will also discover Japanese customs and manners, which enables you to get a deeper understanding of Japanese culture. 
  • A full day trip can fit up to 2-3 activities.

  • The price of each experience is added to basic one-day trip fee. 

Tour Options

Leather Craft Workshop

Make an original leather key chain in your favorite color.

Experience fee cost: JPY 1000 per person

Stained Glass Workshop

Make Japanese traditional glass beads.

Experience fee cost: JPY 1000 per person

Pottery Workshop

You can make 2 pieces that would be shipped to you in around 2 months. Shipping fee not included.

Experience fee cost: JPY 4600 per person

Wood Craft Workshop 1

Make your own chopsticks, spoon or butter knife at the wood furniture artisan's studio.

Experience fee cost: JPY 2000 per person

Wood Craft Workshop 2

Make your original wooden pen at artisan's studio.

Experience fee cost: JPY 2000 per person

Keihoku Home Cooking Class

A cozy Japanese home cooking class that starts with a trip to the vegetable farm (depending on seasonal availability) to pick seasonal ingredients, followed by an instructive class on cooking classical Japanese dishes in a traditional Japanese kitchen. 

Experience fee cost: JPY 2000 per person

Sugi Sushi and Seafood Cooking Class with Chef

Take a cooking class under Chef Masakazu Hatadan, owner of Suehiro restaurant, famous for its cedar-wrapped mackerel sushi, or Sugi Sushi which is unique to Keihoku. 

Learn how to make Sugi Sushi from scratch, starting from sushi rice making, to wrapping the fish in cedar paper. You will also learn how to cook other Japanese seafood dishes such as Tempura rolls, Chirashi Sushi and Dashimaki Sushi. 

Experience fee cost: JPY 3,500 per person

Buckwheat Cooking Class with Chef

Make soba / buckwheat noodle with Japanese chef.

Workshop starts around 3 to 4 pm and have an included set meal.

Experience fee cost: JPY 4,000 per person

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Tour Pricing

Our tours are intended for a minimum of 2 people in a group. 
Prices are charged according to days of the trip, and number of people in group.

The price per person gets discounted with larger number of guests in a group. 

2-person group
JPY 25,000 per person / day

3-person group 
JPY 23,000 per person / day

4-person group
JPY 22,000 per person / day

5-person group
JPY 21,000 per person / day

6-people group and above
JPY 20,000 per person / day


* The price doesn’t include meals nor admission fee. * 10 % consumption tax will be added to total fee.

* One-Day Experience is intended from 2 persons.    (1person booking available but charged 2 persons).

* 3,000 yen discount for guests under 15 years old.   Free of charge for children under 3 years old.

* Booking is available 2 days prior to your experience day    (by website or mail).

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